Optimum 2 Year Ceramic Coating

Optimum 2 year ceramic coating creates a self cleaning finish that is considerably easier to clean and maintain compared to conventional waxes and sealants. Optimum 2 year ceramic coating provides constant, unyielding protection for at least two years! Give your paint the protection and gloss that it deserves with an Optimum Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic application keeps your paint in pristine condition for a minimum 2 years (This coating comes with a 24 month warranty as long as a maintenance wash is booked at minimum every 12 months).

Cost for application starts at $465.

Expect 2 years of protection and enhanced gloss from this application.

Please note, this is purely cost of the product and application. If vehicle requires added attention such as extensive cleaning, polishing and compounding there will be added fees.

Great chemical resistance

2+ years of protection

Hydrophobic water shedding effect

Harder surface

Self-cleaning effect

Added water spot protection

Detergent Resistant

Does not yellow, peel, crack, bubble, or oxidize

2 year ceramic coating application with light polish starting at $465.00

Multi-step polish + 2 year ceramic coating application starting at $715.00

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